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Generator Backup Solutions

Let's Keep Your Lights On

If you want backup power but don’t want to install a battery based system, you are likely looking for either a portable or a standby generator, depending on your price point and desired functionality. 


If you are looking for something a little more convenient and robust, Western Solar is experienced in installing standby generators and automatic transfer switches. These generators are installed in a permanent location and are fed with either a natural gas or propane line. When the grid goes down, these generators will automatically start up and power your designated loads.

Whether you are looking to power a few essential loads or your whole home, we can size and install a system that meets your energy needs.



A portable generator is a great option if you rarely experience power outages and you are happy to be a little “hands on”:

  1. A portable generator is generally stowed away until you need it, at which point you roll it out next to the main panel and plug it into an external receptacle.
  2.  You will need to switch off all your breakers and then use your manual transfer switch to manually switch over from the grid to the generator feed.
  3. Now you are ready to start up your generator and switch back on the breakers you want to power! 

Western Solar often installs MTSs and receptacles for customers along with their solar system. If the process described above sounds like a comfortable fit for you, this is a very affordable way to give yourself some peace of mind and be prepared for the occasional outage.

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