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Green Labyrinth, Deming – 17.02 kW

About Green Labyrinth

Located in Deming, Green Labyrinth was established to provide a space of sanctuary and healing for caregivers to address grief, loss, and burnout. The retreat offers in-house lodging, group and individual camping areas, yoga spaces, and 23 acres of forest, meadow, and garden spaces, and a stream and pond.

Project Goals

Owners Jen and Leslie Heron wanted their business to operate as sustainably and green as possible while lowering their energy bill, freeing up funding to allow them to focus on their core mission. By powering their business with solar, they’re also able to switch from oil to electric heat and reduce their impact on climate change.


  • Modules: (46) Silfab Solar 370W
  • Inverters: (1) SolarEdge SE11,400
  • Additional: SolarEdge DC Optimizers for module-level monitoring and optimization

Design Considerations & Challenges

This was a challenging electrical interconnection. The roof is huge and there are no obstacles or shading to be concerned with.

However, after purchasing the property in 2017, the owners were not left with a clear map of how electricity was fed to various parts of the property, which we needed to determine prior to establishing our point of interconnection. In the end, Western Solar installed a new service entrance and a new sub panel to accommodate both the current system capacity and the planned future expansion.

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