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Ductless Heat Pumps

Along with our solar and backup power options, for the last few years Western Solar has been installing ductless heat pumps to help customers reduce their dependence on aging heating systems and take advantage of the low cost energy they can produce with their solar systems. If we can help customers into an efficient, electric heating system and then give them the tools to offset that electrical bill with solar, why wouldn’t we?

Why consider a ductless heat pump?

Ductless heat pumps are a great way to heat and cool your home with a single unit and their built in filtration systems can help purify and dehumidify the air in your home. If you want to add air conditioning, reduce the strain on your aging furnace, stop using costly baseboard heat, or just move to a more efficient heating and cooling systems, ductless heat pumps are worth considering.

Unlike a traditional centralized heating system, ductless heat pumps are a zoned system with independent head units controlling the temperature in designated zones of your house. This allows you to only heat or cool the areas you are using in real time, rather than bringing the temperature of your entire house up or down. This is not only more efficient, but also allows for a greater degree of comfort if different parts of your home hold their temperature differently.

Finally, there is the convenience of maintaining a ductless heat pump. The clue is in the name — there are no dusty ducts for you to have to pay to keep clean! Instead, each head unit has an easily removable filter that you can clean yourself in seconds, allowing for easy maintenance and easier breathing.

Why should I choose Western Solar to install my ductless heat pump?

We care about efficiency. We care about energy. On a daily basis we are talking to customers about their energy bills, how to reduce their usage, and how to reduce their carbon emissions. In other words, we are looking at the big picture!

Heating is typically one of the largest parts of an individual’s energy bill and carbon footprint, and over the years we kept running into solar customers who were frustrated about their expensive, inefficient, or insufficient heating. It struck us that instead of oversizing a solar system to treat the symptom of an outdated heat source, we would be better serving both our customers and the planet by going straight to the cause and offering a solution that could increase our customers’ comfort and reduce their monthly heating bill. 

This was a great addition to our service line because most of the components and installation methods involved in installing ductless heat pumps are common to the solar installations we have made our name with. Both solar systems and ductless heat pumps are inverter-based systems that involve running conduit, circuitry, and a substantial amount of electrical work. Western Solar is relatively unique among local HVAC contractors because we have our own electricians on staff, so we don’t need to subcontract any part of your ductless heat pump installation.

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