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Employee Spotlight: Dana Hickenbottom

Employee Spotlight: Dana Hickenbottom

Our Employee Spotlight highlights the awesome faces behind Western Solar. These are the men and women who keep our company going both on the roof and behind the scenes in the office, and make us who we are.

What do you do at Western Solar? What does your average day look like?

Project Manager is my official title at Western Solar but as with the nature of work at most small companies, I wear a lot of different hats.  An average day is centered around helping customers both before and after their system is installed. I strive to make sure that the process of solar installation and ongoing solar ownership is as smooth as possible.  I manage our installation schedule, coordinate with our install crew and customers, answer technical support questions, help out in the field when necessary, review final system designs to make sure everything is up to code, manage our various system monitoring platforms, work on community outreach for solar education…and a whole lot more that I’m having trouble thinking of right now.  The amount of variation in my day-to-day job is very refreshing and definitely keeps me on my toes!

What’s your favorite part about working here?

I’ve really enjoyed getting the chance to work directly with system owners.  At my old job at itek Energy, the local solar panel manufacturer, I felt a bit removed from the end users of our solar products.  Now I get to be up close and personal with those end users. It’s really fun to talk to people about why they chose to install solar, answer any questions that they have about the technology, and to help them out should any issues arise with their system.  I really enjoy problem solving so this job fits me perfectly.

What’s your biggest achievement to date (either personal or professional)?

Staying alive for almost 34 years, getting to raise two amazing kids and to have somehow charmed my lovely wife into marrying me. 🙂  You may laugh at that but when I think about how little I knew when I was younger and how many close calls I had I think I’m pretty lucky to be here and to have such a great family.  In light of that I really try not to take things for granted and to give back to my community and those in need.

How do you typically spend your time outside of work?

I’ve got a 3 year old and 9 month old at home so the majority of my time outside of work is spent with family.  We spend a lot of time playing outside; building forts, hiking, biking, camping, climbing, blowing bubbles, etc.  When I’m not with my family you can usually find me on my mountain bike, tinkering in my shop, playing in the garden or sleeping (whenever and wherever I can)…did I mention I’ve got a 9 month old at home?

And finally, while this may be cliche — what’s your favorite quote?

Hmmm, that’s a good question.  I feel like my favorite quote changes depending on what’s happening in my life.  Here is my favorite one as of today, “Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.” -Rumi

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