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The 6 Steps to Going Solar

Does taking the leap and installing solar seem daunting? That’s where Western Solar comes in. We’re here to simplify things for you with our six-step solar installation process.


Site Assessment

Think about the roof space you are considering for a solar installation. Is the roof open to the sun from 9 am to 4 pm, with minimal shade from trees or surrounding objects? If so, it’s worth running the numbers and completing a solar site assessment.

During an assessment, we’ll take solar resource readings at the  proposed location for your solar array, along with roof and structural measurements, and inspect the condition of your roof. We’ll also look at your existing electrical panel and analyze annual usage from your electric bills. The solar resource measurements are combined with several decades of local weather data to create a personalized, highly accurate solar site analysis.

Western Solar is operating remotely during the COVID-19 “Stay at Home” order and completing remote site assessments until we are cleared to resume normal operations. LEARN MORE


System Design

Once an assessment is complete, we’ll provide you with a quote detailing the proposed system and equipment to be used, along with estimated annual solar production.

You will also receive a 25-year financial analysis, which factors in all available incentives and details the expected financial return on your investment. Annual auditing of our installed systems’ performance shows an average of 8% higher production than estimated.


Permitting & Pre-Installation Preparation

All our installations are turn-key solutions. That means we handle absolutely everything from purchasing your permits and equipment, completing your schematics, preparing your utility paperwork, scheduling your electrical inspections, and coordinating the interconnection process with your utility.



All our work, including the installation of your system, is handled in-house. Our project coordinator will be in touch as your installation date nears to confirm your spot on our schedule and answer any questions you may have ahead of the install.

On the day of, our crew will arrive, introduce themselves, and get to work installing the mounting system, inverter(s), and solar panels. The crew foreman will consult you on the final placement of any non-roof components and the planned conduit runs, to ensure the final product meets your expectations. Typically, an installation will take 1-2 days.


Inspection & Interconnection

Once your system is installed, we schedule your electrical inspection. It should occur within a day or two of your installation. After your system has passed inspection, we will schedule your interconnection to the grid and the installation of your net meter with your utility provider. This part of the process is out of our hands, but we do everything we can to make sure you are connected as soon as possible. Typically this happens within 2 weeks, however it varies by utility.


Getting to Know Your System

Now that you are up and running and generating solar power, it’s time you got to know your system. Our technical support lead will provide a system orientation and show you the ropes (or wires). We will set you up with system monitoring so you can see the production of your solar system in real time. If you ever see anything amiss, we will be right back out there to address the issue and get you up and running again.

“I’d been considering a solar generating system for years, and finally took the plunge. I got three bids, and of the three Western Solar was the most professional and lowest price. The installation went smoothly and was completed flawlessly. The online monitoring is great — I can see how much power the system is generating at any time during the day. Love this system!”

Steven G, Stanwood
7.98 kW solar PV system