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Mud Pond Koi, Bellingham – 13.8 kW

About Mud Pond Koi

Mud Pond Koi owners Kevin and Mary Vermillion discovered their passion for water gardening and koi rearing after a downed tree on their property provided an opportunity to explore creating a pond. Whatcom County’s original pond store, they continue to be the area’s leading specialists in pond design, installation, and remodel, along with offering maintenance services and other pond care.

Project Goals

To reduce carbon emissions and operate as a sustainable business while saving money on utilities and taking advantage of available tax credits, depreciation and incentives.


  • Modules: (46) Silfab Solar 300W
  • Inverters: (1) SolarEdge SE11,400
  • Additional: SolarEdge DC Optimizers for module-level monitoring and optimization

Design Considerations & Challenges

The customer had a limited amount of available roof space and a high energy bill. Standard commercial fire code setbacks would have drastically limited the available space for solar.

Western Solar worked with the City of Bellingham Fire Marshall to determine appropriate fire code setbacks for the building that enabled access essential to our fire fighters while enabling the customer to offset as much of their electrical bill as possible.

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