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Battery Backup & Off-Grid Systems

Grid-Tied Battery Backup Systems

Solar battery backup system - Western SolarWith a traditional grid-tied solar systems using either micro or string inverters, your system is required by law to shutdown when the utility grid goes down. If you are concerned about long-term power outages due to world events, or live in an area where there are frequent short-term power outages, there is the option to install a grid-tied, battery back-up system. In the event of grid blackouts, these systems will switch to “off’-grid mode” drawing power stored in your battery bank to power your designated “critical loads,” while using your solar panels to recharge your battery bank.

Outback Radian inverter battery backup solar system - Western SolarOutback battery backup systems include:

  • Grid-interactive and stand-alone capabilities in the same package
  • Space-saving design with a small footprint
  • Well-ventilated battery rack system for increased battery longevity and safety
  • Flexible, parallel design allows for easy installation of systems from 8-80 kW

Western Solar is a leading dealer of the Outback Radian systems that are produced here in WA, qualifying these battery systems for the full made-in-Washington incentives.

Off-Grid Battery Systems

Outback battery backup solar system - Western SolarIf you are building a home in an area where there is no available utility power, Western Solar can install a complete “off-grid” system that is custom designed to meet your specific load needs throughout the year. Depending upon the site, an additional generator may be required.

Current legislation allows customers to qualify for the 30% Federal Tax Credit, even though these systems are not connected the utility grid.