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Backup Power Solutions

With a traditional grid-tied solar system using either micro-inverters or string inverters, your system is required by law to shut down when the utility grid goes down. If you are concerned about long-term power outages due to world events, or live in an area where there are frequent short-term power outages, there are several options to provide backup power.


These systems draw power stored in your battery bank to power your designated critical loads, while using your solar panels to recharge your battery bank. They can be designed to meet a range of backup needs, from frequent short-term grid blackouts to more long-term sustained outages.

  • Grid-interactive and stand-alone capabilities in the same package
  • Designed to back up specific loads for reliability and peace of mind
Tesla Powerwall


Unlike a conventional grid-tied system, a micro-grid solution will enable you to access the real-time solar production in the event of a power outage. These micro-grids can then be augmented with additional battery backup components if desired to provide additional power when the system isn’t producing, such as during the night.

  • Low-cost entry-level solution
  • Easily expandable with future storage


For an affordable way to back up your whole home, it may be worth considering a generator. Generators don’t have the natural seasonal limitations of solar and can be great as a stand-alone backup solution or as an integrated component with a micro-grid or battery storage system. Configurations include:

  • Portable generator with manual transfer switch
  • Backed up critical load panel with automatic transfer switch
  • Whole-home backup with automatic transfer switch