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Web Monitoring

web-monitoringWeb monitoring of your solar PV system is offered as an option on all of Western Solar’s systems, provided your site has reliable internet access. Online monitoring allows you to receive reports on your solar energy production and ensure the system is functioning as intended. The monitoring solution offered and accompanying features will depend on which inverter is used for the system.

Systems with micro-inverters

  • View daily, weekly, or monthly production data, or create reports with data from date ranges of your choosing
  • Receive lifetime production information for your system
  • Notifications by email when there is a communication or production issue with any of your micro-inverters
  • Monthly energy production reports directly to your email inbox


Systems with central inverters

Systems installed with central inverters also have the option of web monitoring, most often with eGauge monitoring systems. In addition to tracking your solar production, eGauge enables you to track your energy usage and compare it on a single screen to your production, helping you achieve net-zero energy consumption, maximize your payback, and lower your monthly electricity bill.

If you’re interested in web monitoring for your system, talk to us today about the best option for your individual system and needs.