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Batteries & Smart Panels

One of the great benefits of producing your own energy with a solar system is the potential to keep your essential electrical loads running during short or even extended periods of grid disruption. By adding a battery component to your solar system, you can store excess solar production for when you need it the most. 


The Tesla Powerwall is a lithium ion backup power solution that comes with an automatic transfer switch and an intuitive user interface that you can control through a handy app. This solution is great for 1-2 day power outages.

Western Solar is an authorized installer of Tesla Powerwall and for the majority of solar homeowners looking to add a lithium ion backup power solution, the Tesla Powerwall is going to be one of your best options in terms of functionality, warranty, price point and user interface. (It also looks pretty fabulous.)

Each Tesla Powerwall comes with a Backup Gateway – this detects when the grid goes down and isolates your Powerwall, solar system and backed up loads from the grid, safely keeping your home energized. Your Tesla Powerwall then monitors the energy your home is using, the energy your solar system is producing, and the remaining charge in your battery to ensure you have constant power and can manage your energy usage to last the course. When the grid comes back online, the Powerwall seamlessly switches back to grid-tied mode and recharges from your solar production so you are ready for the next power outage.

If you want a simple and intuitive storage system that extends your solar day and provides you power through 1-2 day outages, the Tesla Powerwall is a great solution!


Western Solar is now offering the SPAN panel, a cutting-edge smart service panel designed to revolutionize the way you manage your electrical system by offering you complete control over your home’s energy from one app.

What’s the point of a smart panel? Well, the SPAN panel allows you to:

  • Monitor your electricity usage in real time
  • Fully electrify your home without adding panel capacity or requiring a potentially-costly service upgrade
  • Easily control individual circuits
  • Set up automations to turn specific circuits on or off on a schedule
  • Prioritize certain circuits when time-of-use electric prices are higher, saving money
  • Interface with solar and backup battery systems

Smart grid technologies—like SPAN—are key to electrifying without overtaxing our grid infrastructure, and at the same time increasing grid resilience. The nonprofit Rewiring America published a fantastic report addressing grid expansion and resilience, and how smart panels play a significant role in that equation.

Whether your focus is on energy efficiency or fully electrifying your home, the SPAN panel has a lot to offer. When you’re ready to look into upgrading to a SPAN smart panel, let us know, and we’ll help you make the switch!

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