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Backup Power Solutions

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Just about everything we do these days requires some electricity. We all think of the obvious ones — fridge/freezer, lights, TV, phone charger etc — but even your gas heat and gas powered car could be inoperable without some electricity (think about your furnace fan and electric garage door opener). The good news is, Western Solar can help you think through your essential loads and we have a variety of solutions to fit both your power needs and budget.


One of the great benefits of producing your own energy with a solar system is the potential to keep your essential electrical loads running during short or even extended periods of grid disruption. By adding a battery component to your solar system, you can store excess solar production for when you need it the most. Take a look at two of our most popular battery backup options below to see which technology seems like the best fit for your electrical needs.

Battery Backup Options


If you are looking for something a little more convenient and robust, Western Solar is experienced in installing standby generators and automatic transfer switches. These generators are installed in a permanent location and are fed with either a natural gas or propane line. When the grid goes down, these generators will automatically start up and power your designated loads. Whether you are looking to power a few essential loads or your whole home, we can size and install a system that meets your energy needs.

Generator Backup Options

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