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Preparing for your Solar Call

Preparing for Your Solar Call

Project Manager Brady measures a roof prior to solar installation.

Congratulations on moving towards energy independence!

This transition will require your time and attention, but you will forever be free from the 4% annual inflation rate of utility power. Your guide throughout this process is a solar designer who will:

    1. Describe the functionality of solar for homeowners in your district
    2. Educate you upon all state and federal incentives
    3. Analyze your usage data and various site conditions to present you with a solar PV (photovoltaic) system tailored to your unique needs and vision

To smooth this process, here are some aspects of your project to consider before your call:

    • Energy Consumption Data: If you’d like a ballpark price on the phone call, please download your electric usage before your call. Select your utility for step-by-step instructions on downloading your data:
    • Roof Assessment: A compromised roof is not an eligible candidate for a solar installation. So please determine the age of your roof before our call.
    • Budget and Financing Options: By purchasing a PV system, you will effectively be pre-purchasing your electricity for the next 40-50 years. Fortunately, local credit unions offer incredibly competitive solar loan rates. But if the cost of a full offset is untenable right now, covering a portion of your current usage and expanding upon the system later is always an option as well.
    • Future Plans: Consider your visions of home expansions, hot tubs, electric vehicles and energy storage. Help your solar designer future-proof your PV system.
    • Research: Not all PV systems are created equal. Dive into the world of solar technology and emerge as a solar-savvy savant. A great place to start is to learn more about the two inverter systems you’ll encounter on your learning journey.
    • Incentives and Rebates: Ask your system designer about the 30% federal tax credit available through the ITC, as well as zero sales tax here in Washington for solar.
    • Time Commitment: Set aside enough time to dig into this lengthy topic. Twenty minutes should do.
Theo has been an educator throughout his professional life. He ran an SAT prep business while in college, then taught theatre to children in southern France before opening a music school in Portland. Each chapter has given him an opportunity to blend his dedication to service with his passions, and formed him into a natural fit for Western Solar's design team. Theo's adaptability enables him to meet the varied needs of his customers; at home, it helps him meet the varied needs of his two demanding but adorable dogs.