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Solar Supply Chain & Installation Forecast

Solar Supply Chain & Installation Forecast

There is currently a lot of turmoil in the solar industry supply chain as a result of the US Department of Commerce’s anti-circumvention probe, which has had an immediate and drastic impact on the pricing and availability of solar panels for US installers. 

Western Solar is working to shore up our supply chain and set honest expectations with our customers about this volatility, but we are currently unable to offer new solar customers firm pricing or commit to a clear installation timeline.

Please note: If you are interested in exploring a ductless heat pump installation, those components are unaffected by this probe and we would love to speak to you about your heating and cooling needs.

If you are willing to wait for a solar bid

We believe we will have clarity on pricing and module availability in August 2022 and we would like to recommend you join our waitlist. As soon as we have firm commitments from distributors on solar panel availability and pricing, we will reach out to you in the order we received your request and schedule your onsite assessment with one of our in-house solar designers.

If you are intent on committing to a solar install sooner

We strongly advise you to seek clarity on the origins and availability of the solar panels you are purchasing and confirmation that you will not be subject to expensive change orders or equipment substitutions from the installer without your express approval. These 6 Tips for Choosing a Solar Installer should help you double-check that you are collecting bids from experienced installers and designers.

Western Solar is experiencing an unprecedented demand for our services from our community and we are excited to train a new generation of solar professionals to meet it! If you know anyone who is interested in a career in solar energy, please visit our careers page.