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Interfaith Coalition of Whatcom County Goes Solar

Interfaith Coalition of Whatcom County Goes Solar

Interfaith Coatlition of Whatcom County solar install - Western Solar

Interfaith Coatlition of Whatcom County solar install - Western Solar

Interfaith Coatlition “Our House” solar install

This month, Western Solar and Bellingham-based solar panel manufacturer Itek Energy teamed up to help Interfaith Coalition of Whatcom County go solar on their new Our House triplex in Ferndale. Once construction was complete, our team got to work to help make their dream of going solar come true.

On the morning of August 22nd, the Western Solar crew loaded up the truck and headed up to Ferndale to start the job. Installers Zeke, Craig, and Brenden donned their safety harnesses and got to work getting the racking mounted to the roof, while electricians Kelly and Brad ran the wiring and mounted the housing for the new production meter.

Once the racking was installed on the roof, the crew enjoyed an unexpected mid-morning coffee break, when Interfaith campaign chair Rev. Bobbi Virta showed up with coffee and snacks.

After the guys finished refueling on caffeine and sugar, the panels went up and in short order were secured down and ready to generate power!

The new 2.545 kW solar electric system consists of ten Itek Energy solar modules, five of which were donated by Itek Energy, the rest purchased at cost by Saint James Presbyterian Church and Interfaith Coalition. Western Solar covered the cost of labor, permitting, and racking materials. The new system is expected to produce 2,545 kWh/year and provide over $1,100 of bill savings and incentives annually.

Interfaith Thank You PosterAbout Interfaith Coalition

Interfaith Coalition’s housing is a community effort supported by 44 diverse congregations. The Coalition manages eleven single-family homes for emergency and transitional housing, offering options to all families and enabling them to stay together, where they would otherwise be split up in a shelter. With three months of Interfaith Coalition housing and support, 90% of families find stable housing.

Two years ago, Interfaith Coalition started the process of converting a single-family home in Ferndale into a triplex, which would be able to house up to ten families in need every year. The community came together and over 600 individual donors, businesses, foundations, and congregations contributed to help make Our House a reality. Our House will now house three homeless families at any one time, they move toward self-sufficiency. Learn more about the Our House project.

Western Solar Inc is a leading installer of residential and commercial solar electric systems in Washington State. They strive to design and install the most cost-effective energy-saving solutions for clients.


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